Achilleas Alexandrakis
Aesthetic-Restorative Dentistry
Clinical Instructor - Athens Dental School, Clinics of Operative and Aesthetic Dentistry
  • The practice is part of a qualified team of dentists who cover the whole spectrum of dentistry, with a focus on Oral Health, the Aesthetics of the Smile and thus the Face.
  • We utilise implants of various types for different functional and aesthetic purposes, in addition to making specialised use of ceramic materials and composite resins for tooth restorations, replacements of old amalgam fillings and veneers of front teeth.
  • We pay particular attention to oral hygiene, diagnosis and treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • Furthermore, we deal with endodontic treatments and bleaching of teeth with discolourations. Finally, we have a wide range of professional whitening products for use both in the practice (chairside bleaching) and at home.
  • Thus, by combining high-precision Aesthetic Restorations with Healthy Gums, we can offer a Beautiful, Harmonious and Charming Smile.

Everyone deserves it!

Office hours: 9.00-20.00 (by appointment)

Athens Dentistry House